Helping People Make Smart Decisions About Rural Land.

Land Smart Resources:™ helping people make smart decisions about rural land.

When it comes to land, we make it easy for you to get things done.  For example, we put lots of services under one 'roof' so you can pick & choose what you want.  Services that help you buy, sell and look after your property.

People say our 33 years of experience in both real estate & forestry is a real comfort to them.  They like the fact that we're in the market every day and can look at things from many points of view.  But we hear that the most important thing we do is show them options they didn't know they had.  We think working with someone who's done it before is just plain land smart.

For example, it’s getting answers to questions like:

How can I find just the right piece of property?
Which trees should I cut & is now a good time to do it? 
What's a fair price to ask for my property? 
How can I get my roads fixed up?
Where should I put a game food plot & how do I get it planted?

Make your next decision a smart one & easy to live with – let’s talk.

Tom Brickman, Founder of
Land Smart Resources


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