Helping People Make Smart Decisions About Rural Land.

Sell - use Agent

Service: Land Sales - Full Service, exclusive, seller representation

Let us handle the details. Our 33 years of experience lets the project move faster, with greater confidence, resulting in top-dollar. Exclusive contract, no up-front fees, you pay a % of the gross sale price, payable only if you sell.


Land sale comps - we gather & verify recent, local sale data so you can be confident about pricing

Marketing - Signs, internet presence AND optimization on 6 web sites, brochures, detailed maps, aerial photos, direct mail campaign (using our proprietary database of 60,000 land buyers, agents & key market contacts), ads

Price & marketing advice - draw on our experience as appraisers & brokers to help with pricing & strategies for marketing the property (sealed bid, negotiated or auction)

Pre sale improvements - we identify any improvements that could be made prior to a sale (road access agreements, road work, gates, bush hogging, building wildlife food plots, etc.) and get the work done

Timber cruise - our foresters appraise the timber if needed

Handling calls and showings - we qualify prospective buyers to make sure they're serious and show the property

Negotiating - this is where our experience really pays off in getting you a better deal

Contracting - access to our market-tested Land Sale Contract protects your interest Arrange for title, survey, closing - we have a long list of good people that can get these things done

The closing - making sure all the moving parts stay coordinated and on track.